Greg Easterbrook sums up the F/9-11 movie criticisms

In a fabulous piece here. It’s all about propaganda, folks, and Michael “The Iraqi’s will win!” Moore is a master of it. A few notes from the piece:

*Moore’s PC sainthood was cemented by his Oscar for best “documentary” for Bowling for Columbine, though the film includes many staged scenes and outright fabrications. A few examples: Moore declares that the United States government was funding the Taliban in 2000 and 2001; but the figures he cites turn out to be humanitarian aid donations made to the United Nations, earmarked for hunger relief in Afghanistan. Moore presents a scene in which he buys a large amount of ammunition at a Wal-Mart in Canada without showing identification. As the CBC reported, the transaction depicted is illegal in Canada, so either the scene is faked or it was a Wal-Mart error–not lack of Canadian law regulating ammunition, as Moore asserted. Moore claimed that a plaque on an old B-52 on display at the Air Force Academy “proudly proclaims that the plane killed Vietnamese people on Christmas Eve of 1972.” How likely does it seem to you that a plaque at the Air Force Academy would say this? Here is a picture of the plaque and its actual wording, which makes no reference to killing Vietnamese or even dropping bombs but, rather, refers to the shooting down of a MiG fighter by the bomber on Christmas Eve 1972. (Loads of deceptions or factual errors in Bowling for Columbine are laid out here by the co-authors of a new anti-Moore book.)*

And this is the man many on the left hold up as some paragon of truth in the face of all the “administration liars”?