Sowell takes on the Cosby critics

No, not critics of the TV show ;-) Thomas Sowell takes on the Bill Cosby-bashers this week in his latest column. A sneak peek:

*Reactions to Bill Cosby’s recent criticisms of some counterproductive ghetto behavior patterns have ranged from applause from some in the black audience that heard him to a cheap attack from white liberal Barbara Ehrenreich in the New York Times. “Billionaire bashes poor blacks” is the way Ms. Ehrenreich puts it.

Over the years, Bill Cosby has poured enough of his efforts and money into advancing blacks that he does not need any lessons from Barbara Ehrenreich on how to help his own people. But her attempts to pose as a friend and defender of blacks has implications that reach far beyond this one silly woman.

According to Ms. Ehrenreich, “it’s so 1985 to beat up on the black poor.” Among her other radical chic comments is, “it must be fun to beat up on people too young and too poor to fight back or the elderly rich wouldn’t do it.”

This is just one of innumerable ways that the political left evades criticisms — whether of young thugs or schoolteachers or anyone else — by simply calling the criticism “bashing” and shifting the focus to the supposedly bad motives of those who criticize.*

Right on target, as per the norm.