I just had to share this with ya’ll. I was on my way home from work this evening listening to a radio program that is a combo of talk and music.  I almost pulled off to the side of the road when I heard one of the show’s hosts decry how freedom of speech in this country was being “decimated” by conservatives who didn’t like dissenting opinion.  She cited the recent booing of Linda Rondstadt while ranting. I tried to call in to the show but couldn’t get through. 

Where were/are all these cries of outrage when liberals organize(d) protests and boycotts, and start(ed) websites devoted to getting conservatives kicked off the air –  like Dr. Laura, Rush, and other conservative talk show hosts? Liberals have been extremely successful in getting sponsors pulled.  In the case of Dr. Laura, it can be argued that they were successful in getting her pulled off the air.

REGARDLESS of whether or not it’s actually true that liberals had her taken off the air, please remember this:  The militant liberals who wanted Dr. Laura off the air put together one of the most well organized and financed smear campaigns I have ever seen.  They even put FLIERS in the the mailboxes of Dr. Laura’s neighbors! Also, the FBI were brought in to investigate a bomb threat against Dr. Laura (source: Tammy Bruce “The New Thought Police”). Those who organized the “StopDrLaura” brag even to this day that they “had Dr Laura kicked off the air!”  Whether or not they did or not is immaterial, the fact is, you have these liberals who are gloating about taking away someone’s freedom of speech.  No doubt these same liberals wail about “censorship” when Michael Moore’s film can’t get a film company to pick it up or Linda Rondstadt gets booed or the Dixie Chicks CDs get pulled from certain radio stations or the latest – apparently Doonesbury’s cartoon strip has been pulled by a few papers. 

I’ve no doubt that there are moans and cries all around about this “loss of free speech rights” by “well organized conservatives.”  If this argument has come up in any of the debates you engage in whether it be online or face to face, please don’t hesitate to remind these people about the “well organized liberals” out there who take pride in trying to get sponsors to pull their ads so conservatives can’t air their viewpoints on the radio or TV.  And again, it doesn’t matter whether or not the liberals actually got Dr Laura off the air, the fact is that those same liberals gloated about it, took pride in it, in their belief that they took away someone’s right to air her viewpoints simply because they disagreed with her.  And believe you me, if they were successful at getting Rush pulled, about 95% of the liberals in this country would be ecstatic.  You and I both know it.

It’s as simple as that.