Kerry: Gore-lite?

The NH Union Leader makes some interesting points regarding the discovery that Kerry made up the story of Mary Ann Knowles having to work through her chemo treatment for fear of losing her health insurance:

Knowles, the New Hampshire resident and campaign volunteer he cited in his Democratic National Convention acceptance speech and used as justification for his health care plan, didn’t work through chemo because of an insurance problem. She kept working because her salary would have been reduced if she had gone on disability – a weighty prospect, to be sure. But, her husband told the newspaper, “Her coverage is very good … It’s not something that is a problem with her employer.”

The newspaper asked Kerry campaign adviser Judy Reardon if she had confirmed the details of the Knowles’ story, and she replied, “When a woman has a mastectomy and goes through therapy, I don’t need to double-check on her.” What a blow-off.

And what deja vu. Hadn’t we been here before? The Democratic Presidential candidate calling the nation’s attention to a particular American with health problems, twisting the facts, making up a few new ones, using this myth to propel his own policy proposals, and then blowing off the lie once it’s discovered?

It’s deja vu because John Kerry is slowly becoming the reincarnation of Al Gore.

In 2000, Al Gore pulled this very same stunt in Florida. With his well-established willful disregard for truth, Gore claimed that his mother-in-law was paying more for Lodine, a prescription arthritis drug, than he was for his dog’s Lodine prescription. That fact, he claimed, justified his $253 billion drug plan.

Make sure to read the entire piece. It’s dead on.

Now all Kerry needs to do is get that angry man look down pat and he’ll be all set.