Plot to assassinate Tony Blair thwarted

Thank goodness.

BRITISH anti-terror authorities have foiled a suspected al-Qaeda plot to assassinate Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Police swooped on two Lithuanian asylum seekers believed to be spying on Mr Blair’s home in his constituency in England’s north.

The men were caught with hi-tech surveillance equipment less than a kilometre from Mr Blair’s countryside home.

Sources said the pair raised alarm bells because they displayed the characteristics of al-Qaeda spying behaviour.

Using a stolen car fitted with false number plates, they filmed roads and traffic surrounding their alleged target and were carrying a highly-detailed map of the country area of Trimdon in County Durham.

“To dismiss these as nothing more than a couple of wandering foreigners out to see the British countryside is stretching it a bit,” a security source told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper.

Bravo to those who cracked this wide open.