Bullets, not boobs!

Porn star Mary Carey (she of running for Gov. of CA fame, in addition to many, er, dirty movies) takes a stand:

Porn star tells U.S. military: ‘Bullets, not boobs’
Carey leads protest against free breast implants for female soldiers

LOS ANGELES – A group supporting natural breasts staged a small street protest in Hollywood Wednesday against a U.S. military policy offering free breast implants to female soldiers.

The group, led by porn star and former California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey, said the military should spend its money on “bullets, not boobs.”

“I think girls should have natural boobs and natural beauty,” Carey said after unveiling her own breasts in the protest at an Army recruiting office on Sunset Boulevard.

The message is a good one but the messenger – uh, hmm …! The first few words of this article cracked me up. “A group supporting natural breasts …” LOL!