Kerry disingenuous in his 527 claims

Does he reaaaaaaally want to open up this can of worms with regards to the 527s? Who’s got the biggest 527 around? Hint: it’s not the President.

Kerry TV Ad Pins Veterans’ Attack Firmly on Bush

Senator John Kerry released a television advertisement yesterday blaming President Bush for a campaign by a “front group” of veterans that Mr. Kerry said had smeared his Vietnam record, as he intensified his drive to gain control in a fight that some Democrats said could undermine his campaign for the presidency.

Mr. Bush’s campaign denied any involvement with the effort by the veterans challenging crucial portions of Mr. Kerry’s war record and sent a letter to television station managers calling the new Kerry advertisement libelous.*snip*

Mr. Kerry’s aides said this latest advertisement, as well as a speech he would give in New York on Tuesday, was intended to move the debate away from a discussion about Mr. Kerry’s Vietnam service and to focus it instead on what they contended was a history of dirty tricks by Republicans around Mr. Bush and his father over the years.

Mr. Kerry’s advisers had originally planned not to spend any money on advertising in August, but shifted gears last week in the face of concern voiced by Democrats outside the campaign that Mr. Kerry was not moving aggressively enough to deal with this threat.

“Bush smeared John McCain four years ago,” the narrator says, referring to attacks by outside groups on Mr. McCain when he challenged Mr. Bush for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000. “Now, he’s doing it to John Kerry.”

“George Bush: Denounce the smear,” the announcer says. “Get back to the issues. America deserves better.”

Senator Kerry, expect to be asked to answer for this highly disingenuous suggestion – but not by your pals in the media, of course, but from us pesky citizen journalists out here in the blogosphere, doing the job the mainstream media SHOULD do. But doesn’t.