Who is trying to silence whom?

The NH Union Leader weighs in with yet another great piece. With all these cries from the left about “censorship” and freedom of speech “losses” we’ve allegedly gone through these last few years, I think it’s a good idea to get some perspective on this:

PREPARING to secure the Republican National Convention in New York City this week, the FBI interviewed a small number of radicals it suspected of plotting to firebomb media vehicles during the convention. The left attacked, saying the FBI was trying to intimidate protesters into staying home.

Of course, if bombs go off during the convention, the left will fault the FBI (and President Bush) for not doing its job, which the left wants to prevent it from doing.

Meanwhile, John Kerry is trying to get bookstores to stop carrying “Unfit for Command,” the best-selling book in which veterans challenge Kerry’s war record. So, where is the left-wing outrage over Kerry’s attack on free speech?

A Kerry campaign spokesman reportedly said, “No publisher should want to be selling books with proven falsehoods in them.”

Oh, really? What about Bill Clinton’s memoir, which contradicts his sworn testimony about Monica Lewinsky? And does that standard apply to films as well? If so, shouldn’t the campaign have tried to prevent theaters from running Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which is filled with lies?