W pulls ahead in key state of PA

The momentum is yours, W. RUN with it!

For the first time since Sen. John Kerry was nominated as the Democratic candidate for president, he finds himself trailing in the hotly contested state of Pennsylvania, according to two separate polls released Tuesday.

A CNN/Gallup poll showed incumbent Republican George W. Bush with a slim 48-46 lead. A poll by Strategic Vision, LLC, an Atlanta-based public relations and public affairs agency that has several GOP politicians as clients, scored it 47-46 in favor of the president.

The numbers are within both polls’ margin of error. But they represent a drastic pre-convention bounce for Bush. Both a Zogby International poll and the Franklin & Marshall Keystone Poll had Bush trailing Kerry by six points last week.

However, the donnybrook that broke out over television advertisements from a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, painting a less than stellar picture of Kerry’s war record in Vietnam, has put a dent in the Massachusetts senator’s momentum.

“The swift boat ads are killing Kerry,” said David E. Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision and a former member of the Bob Dole presidential campaign.

This part was interesting:

Delaware County Democratic Chairman Cliff Wilson wasn’t worried by the recent turnaround in the polls and actually welcomed the challenge of having to overcome a slim deficit. “When the media decides to blow something out of proportion and give credence to an issue that is full of misinformation you can expect a change in the polls like this,” Wilson said.

LOL! The media has stood SOLIDLY in the Kerry camp (as we all knew it would) during this whole Swift Boat Vet ad “controversy”! They “blew this out of proportion” not to hurt Kerry but to HELP him by making the SVB look like a bunch of idiots. Remember, the only veterans opinion that are worth anything in this election are those veterans who SUPPORT Kerry. (/sarcasm off)