W’s approval rating rises

And the man hasn’t even spoken at the convention yet! From Bloomberg:

President George W. Bush’s job approval rating rose in August from July according to a National Annenberg Election Survey completed before the Republican National Convention began this week.

Bush’s job approval rating among 5,146 registered voters surveyed from Aug. 9-29 was 53 percent, compared with 50 percent in a July 5-25 survey, the poll showed. The margin of error was plus or minus 2 percentage points.

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, 60, a four-term Massachusetts senator, had a 45 percent favorable rating in August, up from 43 percent in July, the poll showed. The Democratic convention was held from July 26-29 in Boston.

Bush’s favorable rating rose to 50 percent from 48 percent, according to the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg poll, based in Philadelphia.

“It’s good news for Bush in the sense that Kerry didn’t gain anything lasting out of the Democratic convention,” said Adam Clymer, the political director of the survey, in an interview. “It hasn’t been a good month,” for Kerry, he said.