Enjoying setting up that strawman, Sen. Kerry?

This is absolutely disgraceful. John Kerry has announced this week that he is going to start going after the military records of Bush and Cheney, claiming they’ve “attacked his patriotism” – yet not once have Bush or Cheney criticized his military record or questioned his patriotism. In fact, it was HONORED this week at the convention.

This is a classic case of Kerry setting up a strawman to argue against. Instead of trying to move forward and talk about his record in the Senate and how he’d make America stronger and more prosperous, he chooses this tactic. He made service an issue earlier this year on his website by questioning the President’s time served in the National Guard – yet Bush has not uttered one word of negativity about Kerry’s service. In fact, he even said Kerry’s service in Vietnam was more heroic than his in the NG! Clearly, the President is going out of his way to praise Kerry’s time in Vietnam. Yet Kerry turns around and does THIS??

No, this man doesn’t deserve to be president. Not at all.

*MEDIA BIAS NOTE *from the above linked article (emphasis added):

Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, bristled at Cheney’s attack on his patriotism during the Republican National Convention in New York and his ability to serve as U.S. commander-in-chief.

Note that the Reuters reporter didn’t characterize the attack on patriotism as an OPINION of Kerry’s – the sentence is written as a statement of fact. Apparently Patricia Wilson and the editors at Reuters feel comfortable making such assertions for us all without giving us the chance to make up our own minds.

But hey … it’s Reuters, the same bunch that refused to call the 9-11 hijackers terrorists. Surprised?