Takin’ off z’ gloves

The battle is on. It’s about time someone called Kerry – and other Dems who routinely insult the coalition in Iraq – to the carpet for their careless statements:

Cheney: Kerry insulted U.S. allies in Iraq

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry insulted U.S. allies in Iraq by criticizing President Bush’s prewar diplomacy, Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday on the first day of a two-day Iowa campaign swing.

“Now, when the president praises our allies, Senator Kerry today called it the ‘phoniest thing’ he’s ever heard,” Cheney said while headlining a campaign picnic at Clear Lake City Park.

Although Kerry voted to authorize the U.S. attack on Iraq, he has continually criticized the diplomatic efforts that Bush made before the war. Kerry has recently stepped up his criticism of the administration’s diplomacy, accusing Bush of alienating allies at the peril of U.S. troops.

Kerry, campaigning in West Virginia, said Monday that Bush’s references to an international coalition fighting alongside about 125,000 U.S. troops was “the phoniest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Cheney said the 30 other nations with troops in Iraq “deserve our respect, not insults.”

“Demeaning our allies is an interesting approach for someone seeking the office of the presidency,” Cheney continued. “When it comes to diplomacy, it looks like John Kerry should stick to windsurfing .”

Bravo! Keep it up, Mr. VP!