Dems insist on keeping Vietnam in the spotlight

….. this, after Bill Clinton’s advice to John Kerry to stop focusing on Vietnam.

The Weekly Standard is reporting that NBC has asked the Kerry campaign to stop running the ad because of “misuse” of copyrighted material:

A NEW attack ad from the Democratic National Committee features footage lifted from the much-disputed 60 Minutes segment aired by CBS News last Wednesday and from an interview last February from NBC’s Meet the Press. When the Bush-Cheney campaign in February used footage from an interview President Bush gave NBC’s Meet the Press, the network immediately demanded that the campaign pull the ad.

“NBC News did not, and does not, authorize this misuse of our copyrighted material,” the network said in its February 10 statement. “As a news interview program, ‘Meet the Press’ takes very seriously the unauthorized use of its content for partisan political purposes.”

NBC lawyers are working on a formal letter asking the DNC to pull the ad. Will CBS do the same? CBS spokeswomen Sandy Genelius and Kelli Edwards did not return telephone and emailed requests for comment. (The smart move, of course, would be for CBS to follow NBC’s lead and demand that the ad be pulled or, at least, that the 60 Minutes footage be edited out.)