Still more on Rathergate

Stephen Green sums up the latest “answer” from CBS via 60 Minutes in regards to the allegedly forged memos:

Maybe Knox is right. Maybe the fake memos somehow reflect Killian’s real thinking. And I care about that as much as I care – yawn – about how many medals Kerry won, whether he threw them away, or if he really deserved all of them. Old news. I just. don’t. care.

What’s important is, CBS went on the air last week with documents they claimed were real, yet never fully vetted until forced to do so by Powerline and Little Green Footballs. In fact, tonight’s statement reveals that CBS still hasn’t really vetted the memos, even though they’ve had since Thursday to do so.

One thing for certain in all this is that, for those who care about this story, enough reasonable doubt has been created on the ‘authenticy’ of the memos to the point now where it’s going to be hard for anyone to believe anyone who would declare them as ‘definately authentic.’

Furthermore, the credibility of CBS News, in particular Dan Rather, has been severly compromised no matter the outcome. Rather is probably secretly wishing he’d already retired.

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