Liberal media gets their clocks cleaned

The last few weeks have sure proved interesting and enlightening in the face of several major news stories and the way they’ve been covered (or faked, as one case demonstrates) as it relates to the all but obvious fact that the media is unabashedly carrying the water for Kerry, or as I like to say, Kerrying the water. I’d like to catalogue the most recent examples of this blatant choosing of sides in the mainstream press and how they’ve been exposed by the good folks in the blogosphere:

1) CambodiaGate: Was Kerry in Cambodia Christmas of 1968 as he claimed in a late 1970’s op/ed and before Congress in 1986? No. Has the media given this story as much press as it has given the Bush AWOL/deserter stories? No and no and no.

2) Swift Boat Vet allegations against Kerry vs. the DNC’s allegations against the President: The media’s focus of the Swift Boat allegations against Kerry was on the media themselves disproving the allegations themselves and questioning the motivations of the Swift Boat Veterans, rather than highlighting the serious questions about Kerry’s record from the SBV, including their statement that Kerry was not in Cambodia Christmas 1968 (see #1) and rather than putting any onus on Kerry. The media’s focus of the DNC’s allegations against the President was on getting the President or someone in the administration to ‘prove wrong’ the allegations made by the DNC and others, as this lawsuit brought on by AP demonstrates.

3) Boogate: Click here for all you need to know about that. A case of the AP making up facts regarding the reaction of attendees of a Bush campaign rally in Wisconsin. AP is still continuing to stonewall on this.

4) Rathergate: The hot memo in question is an obvious forgery. The blogosphere goes wild! (wink and nod: Wizbang)

The LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and other news outlets have devoted pages to discussing the rise of the blogosphere and the fall of the liberal media, who is indeed Kerrying the water.

A toast to all of us in blogland, the new fact checkers for the mediots :)