Flipping out – over a Gallup poll?

Yes. Apparently some liberals find Gallup biased towards Republicans – now that polls show the President with an 8 point lead over Kerry:

This year’s USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup polling on the presidential race is coming under attack from liberal critics who say Gallup’s methods produce results that are biased in favor of President Bush.
Gallup says it stands by its work, which Tuesday showed Bush ahead of Sen. John Kerry by eight percentage points among likely voters – if the election were held “today.” That was down from a 13-point lead for Bush two weeks earlier. Gallup’s recent polls have consistently shown Bush further ahead than he is in other surveys.

USA TODAY said Tuesday it remains confident in Gallup.

The firm, said USA TODAY Polling Editor Jim Norman, “has been doing USA TODAY’s political polling since 1988. … I’m impressed by the constant testing and retesting they do of their methodology to make sure they get it right.”

Uh, three words: Get over it.