The Kerry sweat factor

Will he or won’t he? The speculation continues …..

WHEN George W Bush confronts his rival John Kerry at today’s US presidential debate, he plans to make him sweat.

After weeks of gruelling pre-debate negations, the Bush team won a clause to keep the temperature inside the venue above 21.1C.

The Kerry camp insisted on a chillier environment because their man has a propensity to sweat “and women don’t like sweaters” crowed one Bush official.

That orange glow won’t help matters.

In all seriousness, this election needs to be decided in the arena of ideas, not how one looks or gestures. The Gore “sighs” are widely considered to be the reason why many believe he lost the debates to the President in 2000 but I’d like to think that the President won more on ideas than superficiality. Of course, Kerry is doing his part (as are people from the Republican party – to be fair) of playing the low expectations game. This is pretty interesting, seeing that Kerry was a brilliant” debater at college and most liberals think the President can’t put two words together without flubbing them.

Stay tuned …