Anti-Bush bands turning off young voters?

Looks like it:

As big-name bands storm the country with an anti-Bush, pro-voting vigor this fall, young adults in this musical hot spot have a message for the lefty crooners:

Cool it on the hatin’ – and serve up some hopeful vision instead of just knocking Republicans.

“A lot of musicians bash the current administration rather than forwarding a specific agenda,” said Shawn Wilson, 19, an English major at the University of North Carolina who calls himself socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

“I find it slightly offensive that they’re going out of their way to influence young people’s politics.”

Today’s political tunes may not be as inspired or as impassioned as the anti-war lyrics of the Vietnam War era, UNC students said. But even in this Democratic bastion in a Bush-leaning state, some Generation Y’ers are concerned that current “political” music centers on ripping apart Republicans and lacks any John Lennon-like utopian goals.

Sounds like a sensible group ;)