Jonah Goldberg: Mindreader?

He must have been reading the Sistah’s mind when he wrote this piece. Snips:

We should have let sanctions work longer. We should have given inspections another try. The WMDs weren’t there so we shouldn’t have gone to war. It’s a mistake. A grand diversion. The wrong war, the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Shame on all you people.

I don’t mean those of you who opposed the war at the time and I don’t mean those of you who think Bush bungled the job after the fact. I mean you and you and you — and most especially John Kerry and John Edwards. Shame on you both.

You voted for this war but you voted against the peace you say is so important to win merely because you decided that toppling the tyranny of Howard Dean’s high poll numbers was worth paying any price, bearing any burden.

But forget all that. I just watched John Kerry preen in front of the cameras about how “good diplomacy” would have prevented the mistake he voted for. “Good diplomacy” in John Kerry’s world would have let French and Russian politicians continue to line their pockets in the name of keeping Saddam in power so he could rape and murder and torture until “good diplomacy” welcomed him back into the “international community” and gave him the weapons he sought. I suppose in John Kerry’s world good diplomacy lets the boys in the back of the bar finish raping the girl for fear of causing a fuss.

He continues the slam-a-thon here:

I’m not saying there are no good arguments against the war. I am saying that many of you don’t care about the war. If Bill Clinton or Al Gore had conducted this war, you would be weeping joyously about Iraqi children going to school and women registering to vote. If this war had been successful rather than hard, John Kerry would be boasting today about how he supported it — much as he did every time it looked like the polls were moving in that direction. You may have forgotten Kerry’s anti-Dean gloating when Saddam was captured, but many of us haven’t. He would be saying the lack of WMDs are irrelevant and that Bush’s lies were mistakes. And that’s the point. I don’t care if you hate George W. Bush; it’s not like I love the guy. And I don’t care if you opposed the war from day one. What disgusts me are those people who say toppling Saddam and fighting the terror war on their turf rather than ours is a mistake, not because these are bad ideas, but merely because your vanity cannot tolerate the notion that George W. Bush is right or that George W. Bush’s rightness might cost John Kerry the election.

I get e-mails from you people every day and I see your candidate on TV every night. Shame on you all.

(Does best Wayne and Garth impression) “I’m not worthy!” (bows)