Feel better now, Dems?

…. or at least those in Congress who voiced a formal objection in Congress this week to the presidential election final results, thereby doing exactly what they wanted to do, which was to cast a shadow of illegitimacy to the President’s re-election?

Dry your tears, Sen. Boxer. Things aren’t nearly as bad as you’d like to make them seem.

BTW, Rep. Conyers (yes, you, the one who advocated this formal objection) – where are those turkeys?

Eh … I think I know the answer.

Related: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) dedicates her remarks on the House floor on this issue to ……..

Michael Moore. (Wink and nod to Matt May at The American Thinker).

Isn’t it nice to know that Moore is getting a helping hand in moving more and more into the mainstream political culture by our representatives in Washington, DC?