Terrorism then and now


A fantastic post from Varifrank on the differences in terrorism between 2001 and now. He sums it up with this:

We are clearly winning this war. However the western press and its desire to paint history in its own dark twisted vision of self loathing and disaster will simply not allow any good news to be painted as such, lest the “evil George W. Bush” get credit for changing the world for the better.

The world is better than it was in 2001. We are winning and Al-queda and the forces of Jihad are losing in every theatre of the war. They are not winning Γ’β‚¬Λœhearts and minds’ even in the areas of the world that are most predisposed to follow them. With the exception of their ability to set off small explosives and kill their own soldiers on the process, the west is completely out of their touch. They havent changed our minds on palestine, islam, saudi arabia or Jihad but they have focused our concentration about wiping them out. Weve driven them from their sanctuaries, weve changed their culture, weve taken their women from them. We’ve freed their slaves.

Every day that we continue to live in liberty and freedom is a victory against their dark forces. Yet, with all that is fighting against us, Liberty is spreading, freedom is expanding and Jihad is on the run.

That’s good news, for everyone, no matter who they are and no matter who is President.

Read the whole thing.

Anchoress says “I continue to maintain that Frank Martin is one of the best minds and best writers in the blogosphere …”

I think she’s right.

Please read Varifrank’s entire post.