More on the 7/7 terrorists

The BBC has released a CCTV photograph of the UK 7/7 terrorists obviously taken not long before the bombings. Quite a haunting image.

(Note how the BBC, in keeping with their new policy regarding how to label terrorists, labelled these thugs as “bombers” – still not flattering, I know, but let’s stop sugar coating the enemy we face please)

More: The terrorists apparently had ties to a suspected terrorist recruiter in New York. Not only that, but the Egyptian chemist arrested has a North Carolina connection:

El-Nashar studied chemistry at Cairo University and for his doctorate studies was accepted by the National Research Center, one of Egypt’s most prestigious institutions. In late 1999, the center sponsored him for a winter semester at North Carolina State University, and then for the teaching and research position at Leeds, where he moved in late 2000.