What I’m listening to

Relaxing Jazz Lately, I’ve been feeling ultra-stressed out about work and just life in general (I know, aren’t we all?) and have been doing things to destress: like turning off the TV and the computer, writing, reading my Bible and praying, and listening to relaxing music.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Target (pronounced fancily as “Tarzhay” around these parts) and picked up a CD from a their “Lifescapes” series. In the past, I’ve purchased a few CDs in the relaxing/soothing music section, from CDs with Scottish and Celtic music, Native American flute music, and realistic sounding rain CDs. Well, the CD I picked up most recently was called “Relaxing Jazz” – it’s a very simple CD, nothing earthshattering or mindblowing. It just has some smooth instrumental jazz tunes to help you mellow out your day. I’ve been listening to that on my way home from work (instead of the usual talk radio or rock music) and it’s been a great de-stresser … especially considering how maddening it is to get home in 5 o’clock traffic!

So if you’re looking for some good CDs to destress to, I recommend just about anything from the affordable Lifescapes collection. Hey, we ALL need to unwind and get away from the madness of the world sometimes, don’t we? Life is just way too short to stay stressed (not to mention that stressing can cause premature wrinkles ;)).

(BTW, isn’t the picture of that dalmation on the CD cover just the cutest?)