Comments feature should be back to normal

I hope anyway!

Earlier today, I had to recreate a couple of comments that were posted because they went straight into the Spam Karma delete file – that was my fault as I didn’t have the thing configured (I’m VERY new to configuring Word Press plugins). Luckily, I had the emails saved as I receive notifcaton of comments waiting for approval in the que so I recreated the two comments, based on that.  My apologies to the two who that happened to (I noted it in your comments).

Things should be back to normal now as I think the configuration looks good, and hopefully I will no longer have to moderate like I used to.  Comments (it looks like) post straightaway once they make it through the spam filter without you having to wait for me to approve it.  It looks like the filter is doing it’s job of capturing spam just fine and allowing legit comments through.

However, if *anyone* (who is not a troll) experiences issues with posting comments here, please email me and let me know.  Thanks and TGIF!emoticon

Update: I’ve switched blog skins to the "Geek" skin, which is compatable with most (if not all) browsers and screen resolutions … this is *not* the new skin I’ll end up with, BTW, but some ppl have been having issues with the format of the other skin showing up wonky on their browsers, so I changed the default blog skin so the formatting issues would (hopefully) disappear.  Should you want to switch to another skin, please see underneath the "About this site" section here and select one from the drop down menu.

Again, please pardon the mess as the ST blog is going through a remodeling stage :)