Iconic women-there are none?

Charmaine Yoest is wanting suggestions from blogosphere readers in an effort to assemble a gallery of iconic women … this, in response to comments by the creator of ABC’s much-touted upcoming series “Commander-In-Chief.” Post writer Lisa de Moraes reports that show creator Rod Lurie:

… thinks it a shame there are no “iconic” women in history because women do have greatness in them.

Oh. Well thanks. When a critic asked whether prime time TV had room for not just one show about a president (Left, er, West Wing) but two, Lurie answered:

“Absolutely, we can have two presidents — we have two presidents in Washington now.”

Been there, done that in the 90s, Mr. Lurie. No thanks.

Anyway, please visit Charmaine’s blog and help her out with some suggestions. She’s already assembled quite a list. Perhaps the list should be forwarded to Mr. Lurie, who seems to not have the first clue about the contributions that great women past and present have made to society.

Hat tip: Anchoress.