Blogher Conference: the recap

Ambra Nykol attended the first annual Blogher Conference.   She has a great recap posted at her blog.   Here’s a snippet:

Much of the "opening session" was spent debating the question, "Does the A-list really matter?" The A-list of course, refers to the top percentage of bloggers with the most traffic, links, press, yadda yadda, who cares. I understand all the talk about how certain systems are strategic in consistently promoting and working in the favor of men. I am certain there is an online version of the "Boys’ Club." I don’t question this in the least, but for the love of Moses and Aaron, do not let that define you and can we stop camping out at the mountain of blog-ranking despair. This is America folks. Buck up.

The room seemed equally divided in their answers to if high-rank matters, but what stood out the most to me in the debate was the whining about how the top bloggers never link to lesser-known female blogs and the noticeable absence of a strong female presence in the Technorati Top 100. Which leads me to believe that my 6th tip in the "How to Blog Like a Rockstar" series is spot-on indeed.

Ambra’s personal caveat: Get over the need for cyber appreciation, people. Write well, do your thing, provoke thought and eventually, the right people will take note. I would also like to announce that everyone who has a blog will not be popular. It is a fact. The word "top" indicates that there has to be a bottom. That is the way the world works. We can’t all be celebrities. Caveat ended.

Read the whole thing.