A few legit comments getting caught in spam filter

I updated my welcome message to note this but also wanted to create a new post on it as well so everyone will know.

I’ve had a very few comments that got trapped in the spam filter that I have been able to recover.  If you are not a troll, but see some type of "your comment has been tagged as spam" page when you post a comment, please know that I can rescue it most of the time if I catch it within the same day.  Please don’t think your comment was intentionally targeted as spam … it’s just part of the ‘filtering’ process of Spam Karma that some good comments get marked as spam.  Easily fixed.  My apologies if that happens but the delay on them getting released should be short.  If you’ve provided an email addy with your comment(s), I usually will email you to let you know it’s been released.

Thank ye for yer patience! :)