Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day

I spent my afternoon at a neighborhood cookout that was organized at the last minute.  It was nice – the weather here has been absolutely beautiful.

Blogging was light today, as I’m sure you noticed, but I’ll be back to blogging as normal most likely tomorrow afternoon.  I have a feeling tomorrow morning the workload is going to be pretty big.  I’ll blog as soon as I can get started tomorrow as I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about.

Thanks to all who’ve commented in various blog threads here today … lots of good debates going on.  I like to see that :)  Perhaps I’ll join in, as soon as I can get caught up on blogging tomorrow afternoon or evening.  To anyone who has emailed me today, please forgive me if I haven’t responded.  I’m still at the point where I’m trying to respond to all the emails I get (unless they are hateful, or twenty pages long) but I took it easy today.  I’ll respond back as soon as I can this week.

Hope everyone had a nice three day weekend.