Site access issues

This site was slow to access this morning because of a problem with my hosting service (some other sites hosted by the same service had similar issues).  It looks like things are back to normal here in terms of being able to access the site, thank goodness :)  Thanks to Michael, helping out Lisa at Elegant Webscapes while she’s on vacation, for getting this resolved so quickly.  

Back to blogging in a little bit – going to grab some lunch just now.

Update 4:47 pm ET:  I am having major access problems this afternoon.  I’ve been able to read comments, but accessing my posting options have been almost impossible.   I’ve just now been able to get in to update this post.  Hopefully tonight the access will be better :( There’s a lot to blog about today.  Bear with me today!  I have, however, been able to blog at BlogsForBush just fine and have posted a couple of messages there today so you can read some of my stuff there now if you want to while I try to get things straightened out here with the hosting service.