Football season officially starts!

Jake Delhomme - photo courtesy of PSA Publishing Ltd.I’m a big football fan, and (surprise) I love the Panthers. We’re playing the New Orleans Saints today and it was nice to see on TV the warm welcome Charlotteans gave to the Saints. The Saints look pretty fired up, too. They are obviously the sentimental favorites to win today.

My thoughts and prayers are with New Orleans and all the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but I still want the Panthers to win, though ;)

Overall, I’m excited that football season has started again. This is my favorite time of the year, by far. Seeing the leaves change colors, the weather is cooler, watching cute guys in tight pants run across a field every Sunday ….

Update: NO beat my Panthers 23-20. Jake Delhomme was a bit off his game today. Hopefully he’ll be back on it next week. Several big sports outlets have predicted that the Panthers are going to go all the way this year. In order for that to happen, we’ll have to play better than we did today. My hat is off to the NO Saints, though, nevertheless – for obvious reasons.