Stupid Democratic party antics

Just who is that man behind the mask? This is unreal:

NEW YORK — Democrats sent a man wearing a President Bush mask to a campaign appearance for Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday to remind him he can’t “run away from Bush,” the party’s state chairman said.

“Mike, you know you love me,” read the man’s sign, as he stood across the street from Bloomberg’s news conference in Times Square.

The mayor was announcing an endorsement from theater and film unions and did not acknowledge the man, who the state Democratic Committee said was a volunteer.


And the mayor can expect to see the masked man in the suit again, which Bloomberg campaign spokesman Stu Loeser called a “negative attack stunt _ we guess because they have no other way to criticize the mayor’s record.”

You know what? If I were involved in this little antic, I’d want to wear a mask too because I sure as heck would be too embarassed to show my face after pulling a stupid stunt like that.