Caught up on comments – site maintenance announcement

At last, I’ve caught up on responding to the comments that have been posted here the last couple of days. I love getting involved in the discussions there, but unfortunately cannot always get to them as quickly as I’d like. In any event, you’ll see my name on the lower right hand side of this page under “comments posted” quite a bit today and clicking on each one should take you to the threads this week there have been comments posted in. Thanks to all who’ve provided commentary … things have been quite lively here, especially lately ;)

Throughout the weekend when I am around, I am going to be doing some site maintenance. The site shouldn’t go down, but if you visit this page in the next day or so and the links look a little weird of things look a bit out of place, don’t worry – I’m just moving things around and adding a few new link sections, updating categories, etc. So in advance, pardon for the mess :) Time for me to log off now and catch up on some sleep! Back to blogging in a few hours.