Is the Philadelphia Inquirer ignoring the Able Danger story?

ST reader Dana R. Pico has written a post at his blog that asks that very question, and offers possible reasons. A snippet:

The Able Danger story is the biggest story that the American mainstream press has ignored. If true, it means that the federal government ignored the presence of Mohammed Atta (the ringleader of the nineteen September 11 attackers), and the Clinton Administration set up policy walls which deliberately prevented the presence of reasonably suspected terrorists from being monitored. If false, it means that a ten-term congressman, who is a vice-chairman of both the Armed Services and Homeland Security committees has been led astray (at best) or is a complete idiot (at worst). Yet the mainstream media in general, and The Philadelphia Inquirer specifically, are ignoring the entire story. I have to ask: why?

Well, though the editors of the Inquirer will never admit it, they have a solid reason to have a grudge against Mr. Weldon. Being a native of the region, Mr. Weldon approached the Inquirer first with this story as it was about to break into the national spotlight – and the Inquirer rebuffed him. He wound up giving the story to The New York Times rather than to his hometown newspaper; see More Liberal Bias from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Read the whole thing. Weldon’s hometown newspaper is all but ignoring this major story – and on a related note, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is shamefully trying to destroy the credibility of the LTC Tony Shaffer, apparently in response to his revelations regarding the Able Danger project.

Rep. Weldon (R-PA) blasted the DIA on this Wednesday in a speech on the House floor. Ian at The Political Teen has the video of the key parts of the speech. I admire Rep. Weldon’s passion, and wish we had more like him in both the House and Senate. There is more to this story than meets the eye, methinks, and my hat is off to Rep. Weldon for continuing the good fight in terms of getting (and keeping) the word out about this story, even though his hometown paper doesn’t seem to be too interested.

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