To obsessed banned posters

This is a message for the select few people who have been banned from this blog who continue to attempt to post inappropriate, and in some cases extremely obscene messages to me:

For the record, I keep copies of the comments that I don’t allow on this blog – contained within each of those copies is the the ISP number of the person who attempted to make the post. That’s not my doing: it’s a Word Press feature. Some of the ISP #s are generic #s, but others give more specific information – again, not my doing. I just wanted to let you know that if your pathetic little obsession with me and/or this blog continues, I will not hesitate to contact those ISPs in the future and report cases of harassment. I know this happens to other bloggers, and they have their own way of handling it. This is mine.

You’ve convinced yourselves in your warped little minds that this is about me squelching dissent – I guess in order to justify your playground behavior. Keep telling yourselves that if it makes you sleep better at night. Those of us who choose to be adults about it know differently: it’s about not allowing things on my board that would be better suited for places like Hustler magazine or the hate-infested sites like the Democratic Underground. I have standards for what I want to see on this blog and it’s just too bad that you have so little going on in your miserable lives that you waste your time taking shots at me and/or the good people who come to this blog to read and comment on a daily basis who don’t deserve nor have the time to wade through your filth to get to the good posts.

A little advice to the haters: get a life. It’s not all about you and it’s not all about me. It’s about MOVING ON. Spend time with your family. Read a book. Mow the grass. Bake a cake. Wash the car. Do something – anything, but please whatever you do, stop posting things to me that you’d be embarassed for your mother to read. I call that the WWYMS approach: What Would Your Mother Say if she read some of the things you’ve written to me? If it’s something you think she’d be disappointed in you for writing, the best bet is for you not to write it. Think also about how it would feel if you were on the receiving end of the kind of messages you try to post here on a daily basis. If that doesn’t work, think about how you’d feel if you saw your child write some of the things you’ve written to me and have prepared your answer for when they ask you “Mommy/daddy, you’ve always told me to treat people with respect. Why are you not doing something you asked me to do?” And if THAT doesn’t jiggle some sense of conscience out of you, then God help you.

I urge you to go your merry way, and take up a hobby that doesn’t involve harassing to pieces someone you wouldn’t dare make the same comments to should you be standing in front of them. Why act differently online than you do in real life? Is life offline that boring for you that it has to be spiced up by coming here and taking shots at me and/or my readers so you can get a few chuckles? To repeat: keep in mind that everything you attempt to post to me (as well as email me) is saved for future reference in case I need it. So please grow up and go away and find a place where your brand of ‘debate’ is welcomed because it certainly is not nor will it EVER be welcomed here.