Afghanistan veteran wins $1,000,000 with football throw

Awesome! Via Fox Sports:

CLEMSON, S.C. (AP) – Before Saturday, Chris Bostic was a $10-an-hour landscaper whose favorite football memories were running for touchdowns in Pee Wee football.

But after his perfect 25-yard spiral made it though the tiny hole in a promotional contest, the Army veteran has a new favorite memory and is South Carolina’s newest millionaire.

Bostic’s pass at the end of the first quarter of the Florida State-Clemson game won him the $1 million in the Bi-Lo Healthy Choice Pigskin Challenge.

The Clemson fan said he thought the pass had a chance when it left his hands, 25 yards away from the 20-inch hole.

“It took forever in the air. But as it started to come down, I started thinking it just might go in,” Bostic said.

The back end of the football clipped the bottom of the hole, bouncing through as the crowd at Memorial Stadium went wild.

Bostic jumped up and hugged some of the contest sponsors, eventually taking his oversized million-dollar check and pumping it over his head as he ran to the sidelines.

Even more awesome is this:

Bostic played linebacker at Myrtle Beach High and waited tables after graduating. He had thought about joining the Army and finally enlisted after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“That pushed me to go in – do something for my country,” Bostic said.

He served for a year in Afghanistan with the 25th Infantry, coming home in March.

Congrats to Chris Bostic, who is a winner both on AND off the field! I’ll try not to hold it against him that he ‘s a Clemson fan 😀