“Flame Warriors” site

If any of you participate in political message board discussions in addition to debating at blogs, you’ll love this site. Make sure to click the down arrow to see the different kind of ‘warriors’ – too funny.

I’ve known about this site for a while now, but every once in a while I look at it to search for the character of someone (or people) I may be debating at a message board. The Artful Dodger is the type of character I frequently encounter:

Artful Dodger is a nimble and elusive Warrior. When strongly attacked he changes the subject with a diversionary counterattack. For example, if in a moment of pique his opponent refers to him to him as a “sonofabitch”, Artful Dodger will not only demand a public apology for the insult to his own mother, but will castigate his opponent on behalf all mothers everywhere. Knowing full well that staying on topic works to his disadvantage, Artful Dodger will not allow himself to be pinned down.

Heh. See anyone on that site that you recognize? 😆