Saturday quick links

I’m getting ready to head out to do some much needed shopping for things I need for the townhome, but wanted to post these links of interest for your perusal:

  • Cassandra at Villainous Company (she’s baaaaaack!) has a must-read post up about civility (or shall we say lack thereof?) in the blogosphere and how we need more of it (hat tip: ST reader J Rob)
  • Sunday night in the 9 PM ET hour, Pundit Review Radio will be interviewing Andrew Goldberg, the Managing Editor for The Smoking Gun. Earlier this week, The Smoking Gun debunked the Oprah-recommended James Frey andhis book “A Million Little Pieces”.
  • Check out Stephen Green’s rant against the Democratic party.
  • Did you hear about the guy who was acquitted of murdering a two-year old back in 1991 who recently confessed to the murder? Saw the story on one of the CNN talking head shows last night. It’ll make you pull your hair out.
  • Why the heck would anyone want to fight Nikolay Valuev? Good gracious, that man is big!
  • The Washington Post is calling this week’s big conservative wins in the Canadian elections as “a defeat for anti-Americanism.”

Happy reading!