I have closed one thread and may close another today if the topics in those threads turns to “steve” rather than what the discussion is supposed to be about – for the record, I have put him on moderation and will edit his posts as necessary in the future.

Everyone here knows I will not hesitate to ban anyone who I feel adds nothing to the discussion outside of mindless hate. My “banned” list is filled with people who I won’t let post on this blog. If I felt steve were that way he would have been gone a long time ago.

I’m making a request here: in the future, please address the issue at hand rather than making the issue about the poster him/herself. I sometimes fall into the trap of getting into a war of words with people here myself, but I’ll try to do better and I’m requesting that everyone else here do the same. This isn’t just about steve, but others we have disagreements with as well. Also, as I’ve written in the past, I don’t like personal attacks no matter who they are directed to. Please respect what few rules I do implement for the comments section. I would rather be blogging than moderating but since I’m both the blog host and comment moderator, I have no choice but to do both.

Any issues with this post, please email me.