Blast in Iraq kills several, including US soldier and 2 from CBS News crew

Via the Washington Post:

BAGHDAD, May 29 — A car bomb explosion in central Baghdad Monday killed two CBS News crew members, an Iraqi interpreter and a U.S. soldier, and severely wounded the news team’s correspondent, in one of a string of attacks that killed dozens of people in Iraq over the course of the day.

Paul Douglas, a cameraman, and James Brolan, a sound man, died in the blast, CBS News said in a statement. Both men were British citizens based in London. Kimberly Dozier, an American correspondent who has covered the war in Iraq for nearly three years, was taken to a Baghdad hospital for surgery. The network said she was listed in critical condition and that doctors were “cautiously optimistic” about her prognosis.

U.S. military authorities did not identify the soldier and the interpreter who were killed. Six other soldiers were wounded, the military said in a statement.

I echo Captain Ed’s sentiments:

Critics of the media often complain that they engage in “balcony journalism”, reporting from hotel rooms while posing on a balcony for better visuals. This shows that some American journalists put more on the line in Baghdad than just a room service tip. We should all offer our prayers and hopes for a complete recovery for Dozier and our gratitude for risking her life to report on a dangerous area of Iraq.