Updated comments policy


FYI – I just decided to update my comments policy to blacklist anyone who comes to this blog with the specific purpose of stirring up trouble. Before, I would just put their IP#’s in the moderation que and delete the comments as they come along, just in case they tried to post something worth reading, but now I’m skipping that procedure altogether in favor of the blacklist. This means I will not see your comment at all. It will be auto-dumped. This is a new policy that is not open for debate.

Sometimes I’ll release comments from newbies that I find questionable in terms of whether or not they are made out of wanting to debate versus just wanting to tick off the right. Usually it’s confirmed when they return that they are indeed not interested in anything more than taking a shot at me and the readers of this blog. That’s not going to happen anymore. The only IP#’s I won’t blacklist outright are those I know are shared with others. Those will stay in the moderation box and their comments be thrown in the trash when the attempts at posting them are made. Oh, and BTW, to those people who have those shared IP#’s – you may THINK other people see your comments when you attempt to post them, but they don’t. Only you and I do.

I’ve had a wave of idiotic no-life trolls visit this blog today in an attempt to do nothing more than create trouble. It’s really strange because you’d think that these people should be riding high based on how the Dems are doing in the polls and patting each other on the back at their own favorite little liberal cesspools without coming here and expressing irritation over things like the fact that Saddam was recently found guilty and sentenced to death. Maybe you’re worried that that, combined with the recent tightening of the polls, will mean that tomorrow might not be the cakewalk you’re expecting it to be? Maybe you’re just depressed that GWB did something your beloved hero Bubba did not have the guts to do while he was in office?

No matter. I don’t care what the reason is. I simply do not have the time to babysit whining liberals who come to this site specifically to insult me or my readers. I would rather use that valuable time researching and posting on issues that are important to me. So be on notice, far lefties: behave, or be gone. And by the way, read this for good measure.