A message to banned posters

For those of you banned commenters who think your comments are appearing on the blog and then being deleted immediately, you’re half right.

The message only appears to YOU. No one else gets the pleasure of seeing your nasty, inane, asinine comments outside of yourself. The comment appears quickly to you as though it has been posted, but in reality it hasn’t been posted: it’s summarily removed from the moderation queue after your attempt and gets dumped. So if you think you’re “slipping” a comment by me that is being read by others, you’re not. If you do not see your comment appear at all, that means your IP number has been blacklisted.

Believe it or not, banned commenters, I do have a heart: I want to wish you a very happy Independence Day. Be safe, as well, and try not to be as stupid around fireworks as you are when you log online.