Ah, We Meet Again!

What was it Darth Vader said to Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars? “We meet again at last…something-something-something…circle is now complete…something-something-something…darkside.”

Or am I remembering a Family Guy episode?

Meh, whatever.

My POINT is (and yes, I do have one!), is that I’m back for a little bit to brighten y’alls day (a little southern lingo, in honor of our faboo hostess).

At the very least today, I will be cross-posting articles from my blog, Iowa Voice. However, when ST asked me to blogsit, I volunteered to also come up with some original stuff for you guys (no, this isn’t it). I intend to honor that promise.

Anyway, I’m pulling triple duty today, so bear with me if I don’t produce a lot stuff like I did last time at bat. I’m blogging here, on my blog, and I’m also blogsitting for Dana at Common Sense Political Thought. For the duration of my stay there, though, the site will just be known as “Political Thought.” =)

If you wanna get technical, you could say I’m actually doing quadruple duty, because I also have to work, it being a Friday and all. Have to pay those bills, you know, because I’m a non-rich Republican (I know! I’m like the unicorn of the right! You hear about them all the time, but have you ever seen one?!?). Luckily, Fridays are pretty boring around there and I have a boss who doesn’t mind if I blog now and then while on his dime…as long as I’m not doing it all day long.

Anyway, have a great morning. I’ve got some stuff lined up and ready to go, so keep checking back.

Oh, and consider this an open thread to pay me oodles and oodles of compliments on my brilliant writing style (no, not this post…haven’t had me morning caffeine yet!) or to insult me into humiliation. You know, just like the trollers did last time. =)

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