Another “Fred!”

Everybody knows about Fred Thompson, but not as many people know about Fred Smith, a state senator here in NC who is running to be the Republican candidate for governor. In fact, I’m just now getting to know more about him myself.

Senator Smith recently held gathering at his home, which was part blogger press conference, and part concert. My friend Scott Elliott was there, and posted this write-up about Smith.

Also in attendance was country star Lee Greenwood, of “Proud to Be An American” song fame. He wrote a song for Smith’s campaign and sang it at the event. Here’s video:

If you’re a North Carolina resident interested in learning more about where Smith stands on the issues, this is a good place to start. He’s got some strong conservative positions, especially on fiscal issues, which this state so desperately needs.

Go here to find out more information on the other Republican candidates running for the chance to be governor of the state of NC. Note: That site lists Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory as a “possible candidate.” It’s not going to happen. McCrory knows he has a lifetiime seat in the mayors chair here if he wants it. It also lists as a possible candidate state senator Robert Pittenger, who is about the most solidly fiscal conservative that you will find in this state. Heck, for that matter, he’s just an all-around solid conservative – and one who I would throw my hat in the ring for in a heartbeat.

Even if it remains as just the three main contenders on the Republican side, NC conservatives have some good choices to pick from, unlike on the national level, where – for me anyway – the choices are uninspiring.