Krauthammer delivers the smackdown

Okay, I actually like Mort Kondracke: he’s a reasonable guy and, Lord knows, reasonable people are in short supply these days. Trouble is, he tries so hard to see the other side and meet someone half-way, he winds up conceding the political arena to an opponent who has no interest in compromise — the progressive Democrats.

So, the panel on Special Report was discussing President Obama’s abject groveling attempt to reach out during a “townhall” meeting in Strasbourg, France, when Mort went into his usual “squish” routine. Charles Krauthammer was having none of it. Follow this link:

Charles puts Mort in his place

Facts beat fantasy every time, folks.

Once again, I find myself wishing I could come up with some way to get Charles Krauthammer and Victor Davis Hanson into the Senate – the clarity of their thinking stands in stark relief to the pettifoggery that’s the usual fare there.

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hat tip: Tammy Bruce

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