Global warming cultists discover basic science

That is, increasing levels of CO2 actually help plants, which consume the carbon dioxide via photosynthesis and provide us with oxygen. As Don Surber points out, the atmospheric CO2 levels were 20 times higher 500 million years ago. That was during the Ordovician period, when life flourished.

Of course, the Cultists of the Goracle will claim that’s irrelevant, because increasing CO2 levels lead to the dread greenhouse effect, trapping radiated heat and making life unbearable for us, regardless of the plants. (At this point they usually pull out a dog-eared copy of An Inconvenient Truth and begin a dramatic reading from it. Feel free to walk away; they’re too wrapped up in themselves to notice.)

One problem, there is no greenhouse effect. And that’s an “inconvenient truth” the global-warming alarmists would prefer to ignore: the utter failure of their vaunted computer models to predict anything — for example….

But never let facts interfere with Holy Writ, for Al Gore has spoken. Amen.

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