Just How Far Will They Go To Get You To Quit Smoking?

So, Big Government is all about trying to get smokers to quit (except they can’t afford for you to do so), and they’ll do anything to get you to stop (kind of disturbing, if you ask me):

This is an ad that is running in New York City (courtesy of the A.V. Club). Is that not pathetic? And, if you’re like me, the first thing that pops into your head is “how did they get this kid to cry”? Well, wonder no more:

Quit Victoria executive director Fiona Sharkie told the Today show that the child actor from Melbourne named Alexander had shed real tears after losing his mother during the shoot.

“Our intention was that he would act in that manner, but when it came down to it when the mum went away, he did get upset. I mean, they’re real tears.”

They planned to make him cry anyway (nice, huh?), but it was just gravy when his mom got away from him and he really started to cry. And, worse yet, they’re HAPPY that he cried:

Quit’s media manager Edwina Pearse said her organisation was delighted by the New York reaction.

“If people are talking about the ad, it will be cutting through to smokers,” Ms Pearse said.

What’s next? Making anti-domestic violence ads showing women getting raped or beaten? Where do you draw the line? Should you even HAVE to draw a line?? I would think it’s common sense, wouldn’t you? Not these people, apparently. What kind of pathetic, heartless, manipulating bastards makes a kid cry just to get a political agenda point across?

Think about it. If you saw a kid start crying because he lost track of his mom, would your first thought be “get the camera!” or would it be “let’s find his mom”? I’m betting it would be the latter.

I’m a parent of two kids. Whenever one of them starts crying, my first instinct is to find out what is making them cry, fix it, and getting them to stop crying. I don’t care so much about what made them start crying, I just want it to stop, period. As Bill Cosby once said in his famous “Himself” concert, parents want quiet.

These people, they went so far as to exploit a child for their own agenda. That’s pretty routine for the left, btw. Remember the SCHIP debate?

Speaking of exploiting children for an agenda, how about this latest one? As I’ve said, countless times, beware the politician (or anybody, for that matter) who say anything along the lines of “think of the children”. You can bet your last nickel that they’re not really concerned about kids. They’re only concerned about themselves, meaning, increasing their power and passing their agenda of the moment.

For the record, I was once a smoker. Yes, it’s a nasty habit and yes, you really should quit because it’s not good for you and the people around you. Plus, it’s a massive drain on your wallet (even more so with all these taxes they keep passing). But scaring people into quitting doesn’t work. If anything, it makes smokers even more defiant.

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