Fading capitalism

(H/T – Doug Mataconis)

Rassmussen Reports released a poll today saying that just 53 percent of Americans surveyed believe that capitalism is better than socialism, with 27 percent unsure which is better and 20 percent saying socialism is better.

The worse news is that those under 30 are almost evenly divided, with 37% saying capitalism is better, 33% saying socialism is better, and 30% unsure of what they think. It is not a coincidence that the radicals of the late 1960s were entering the decision-level positions of the education establishment 30 years ago.

The person responsible for the linked write-up attempted to mitigate the implications by pointing to another survey done at the end of last year that found 70% of those surveyed believed a free-market economy was better than one managed by the goverment (with 15% each saying government-managed economy and unsure which is better). Even that poll contained bad news; that same poll found 52% believed government needed to regulate “big business” more than it is.

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