Favorite movie scenes

We all have favorite movies where certain scenes are just simply unforgettable. Some of the scenes make you really think about life in general, while others are simply meant to … enjoy. The one below, well, you can figure out which category it falls in :D

And no, don’t think liking that movie makes me a Tom Cruise fan. Well, I was, til he started getting goofy with the Scientology stuff. Val Kilmer and his co-star/volleyball partner steal that scene for me. In fact, I dig Val Kilmer, even though in real life he’s a complete jerk. He’s made a lot of movies, most of them never getting much acclaim (outside of The Doors movie?), but he’s really good. Watch him in The Saint, if you don’t believe me. Cheesy as hell movie, but he plays multiple characters and he does it very well. Here’s the trailer:

The soundtrack’s killer, too.