Funny things

— Every once in a while, I will get email notifications that someone has requested we be “friends” at MySpace, and every time I have gotten those emails, I have wondered “what the he**?” – I’ve never signed up for MySpace!

In fact, when you go to MySpace, there is a “Sister Toldjah” there but it is most definitely not me. Very strange page. Yes, I know I can be strange sometimes, but I assure you that page is not owned in any way by me.

Anyway, after the last notice I got, I decided to attempt to log in to MySpace to see if someone had signed me up without my knowledge. After having to have the password hint emailed to me, I realized that sometime in the (recent?) past, I actually did sign up for MySpace, because the password is a familiar one. I do not remember doing this! Must have been having a blonde moment when I signed up. I deleted the account. I have no time to maintain a MySpace page, what with having two blogs to maintain, three email accounts to keep up with, Facebook and Twitter accounts to update, and several message boards to check in and post at.

Time? What’s that?

— And speaking of pages with my online name but with which I am not affiliated in anyway, there is another Sister Toldjah blogger out there, although she spells it differently. She spells it “Sister Toldja.” The Wiki page for her is here. She (or whoever did that page) was nice enough to note that we are two different people (very different, which anyone who read my blog and then saw her Wiki description would figure out in short order!).

— In the not-so-funny, but more like infuriating department, I received a credit card bill today, opened it up and looked to find that the cc company had raised the danged limit on it. Not much, but they shouldn’t do crap like that without asking! Dammit, it’s hard enough to get the things paid down and off without cc companies giving you the “courtesy” of a limit increase. I’ve done really well paying down my debt over the last couple of years, thanks to the stimulus “rebate,” tax refunds, misc. bonuses, and a little extra I’ve saved every month. If y’all knew how much I had struggled with serious debt when I was in my early to mid 20s, you’d understand my belief that money really, really is the root of all evil! πŸ‘Ώ

And speaking of, a great vid from Eurythmics front gal Annie Lennox – the song title? Money Can’t Buy It, of course:

I’ve just realized that in just about every post here I have added a video to it. I wonder if that sorta kind makes this a vlog? I dunno …

In any event, it’s kind of fitting and in tune with the book I’m currently working on. Music plays a big role in the life of one of the main characters. There is not a time where there is not some song playing in her head.