I used to not be into the social media marketing stuff – was pretty much content to just blog, up until the last year or so, when I was finally convinced to join up at Facebook and Twitter. They are both great tools if you want to market your blog or other webistes, and at the same time are good starting points in terms of getting to know other people you hang out with online. In the case of Facebook, it’s a great tool to use to reconnect with old friends as well.

I find both difficult to follow, and only use FB primarily to note when I’ve posted something new at my political blog. I’m trying to get acquainted with Twitter because it’s easier to post a quick link or post update there, as well as to share general info, and I am learning more on a daily basis about hashtags, retweets, etc. The thing that bugs me a little bit is that if you are trying to have a conversation with someone at Twitter it is hard to follow it unless you are private messaging with that person. The Twitter screens don’t show up like a message board does, with the lead off comment being posted, and responses to it following in order of time/date posted. Perhaps that is something that will be changed with Twitter in the future. Hope so.

That said, Twitter can be addicting – especially if you are someone who constantly stays on “information overload.” The more people you follow, the more info you get – which is why I’m trying to keep my “follow” numbers small. I read enough news sites and blogs as it is. I honestly do not know how the popular Tweeters who follow people in the thousands keep up with it all, even with the very cool TweetDeck. It’s sometimes overwhelming just to try and keep up with who I am following, so I can only imagine what it’s like for those who follow people in the thousands!

It’s also so easy to get wrapped up at Twitter that you fall behind on your other online responsibilities, like blogging and catching up on email.


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